3-step installation instruction

Install LED Floor Tiles in 3 Steps

Lumitiles LED tile lights are designed and made easy to install. Just 3 essential steps are needed to install the LED floor tiles.

First, position and secure the recessed box in the project environment and install conduit and cable. The timber cover shall be put over the recessed box to prevent rubble or debris from droping into the box. (Lumitiles LED floor tiles are supplied with recessed boxes and timber covers. If you did not get them, please email us [email protected] to find out why.)

Second, install cement, concrete, pavers or other flooring material around the recessed box. Wait till the concrete can be walked upon.

Third, remove the timber cover. Install the LED tile light into the box and connect the tile light with the cables, then set the LED tile light into position. Seal the small gaps with building materials.

Please note this is just a brief instruction to install the LED floor tiles. Additional instructions and/or diagrams specific to your project might also be supplied. Specifications are subject to change for product development reasons without notifications. Please email to [email protected] to get a detailed installation instruction with diagram.